Covid Children’s Fund

Hundreds of thousands of children have lost a parent because of Coronavirus. The affects of dealing with that loss are profound and they have to be dealt with alongside the ongoing crisis. 

Some children are getting the help they need but sadly not all. We are receiving requests for help on a daily basis for children in this unimaginable position and we want to be able to do everything we can to assist them.

The mental health issues that this pandemic will cause for an entire generation of children are monumental but imagine having to deal with the loss of a parent alongside it. are looking to raise an initial £25,000 to ensure that every single child we are asked to help gets what they need. No child should be left behind simply because there isn’t enough funding available.

As parents ourselves it breaks our hearts to think about what some children are currently having to deal with. Please help us to make a difference to these young peoples lives. Any donation no matter how small will help us to ensure that a struggling child is given the help they need.

Go Fund Me – Greater Hanover Area Fire Museum