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Immediate private practice with UK wide clients for just £50 a month.

Join the largest selection of therapists on the UK’s largest online counselling platform.

We provide the technology, marketing, clients and the additional income. You provide your knowledge, professionalism, care and experience.

Access to our platform costs just £50 a month regardless of how many clients you see. We don’t take a penny from your counselling fees and you are able to start booking clients in straight away.

No other service in the UK gives such wide access to potential clients at such an affordable price. can provide you with a full time income or a supplement to your existing client base. You are in complete control and choose how many clients you wish to work with, and when you want to schedule appointments.
We know what you do best and believe your focus should solely be on counselling. You no longer need to worry about attracting new clients, arranging sessions or billing. We manage everything for you. is the only online therapy platform with a UK wide presence. We reach the largest number of potential clients 365 days of the year and give you the opportunity to attract clients from the moment you join us.


  • Fully qualified with an accredited UK based training board.
  • Experience of counselling adults, couples or teens.
  • Professional Indemnity insurance.

Note: Our counsellors are independent providers and are not directly employed by