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Parenting and mental health

First and Foremost be a Parent

As counsellors one of the things we come up against regularly is parents that want to be their children’s best friend and even more regularly we see adults coming for counselling because, as children, their parents didn’t understand their role properly. Although done with the best of intentions, this lack of parenting structure can lead to gambling and substance abuse problems alongside anxiety and relationship difficulties.

Suicide prevention - mental health

The Power of Hope: Preventing Suicide and Promoting Mental Well-being

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, mental health has emerged as a crucial topic that demands our attention. Among the many challenges we face, preventing suicide stands as an urgent priority. Every life is valuable, and by working together, we can foster an environment of support and hope that helps individuals overcome their darkest moments.

Habits have a colossal impact on health

Accounting for 40% of your behaviours on any given day, breaking bad habits and building new ones can completely transform your energy levels, mentality, and even your life span.

Pretty as a pixel

How image editing apps are hurting our mental health and the urgent need for action.

YouTuber Haley is trying to show girls how their Instagram heroes tweak their bodies digitally, presenting unrealistic – in fact, unreal – images of themselves to their followers.

“First, we’re going to fix my hairline. I hate my hairline. It’s really, like, weird.”

Boys, men and mental health

In recent years, there has been a growing conversation about mental health in the mainstream media. And in part, you could put that down to the power of celebrity. One effect of this seems to be that it gave us all permission to look at ourselves and acknowledge that “it’s okay not to be okay.”

You’re not Afraid of Uncertainty. It’s Certainty that’s Terrifying.

In a recent radio call, a woman was talking about how her mind is always trying to be in control. Constantly scrambling to know everything, so that it can protect and prevent. That is its job, after all.  

Urgent Thinking

You know the kind of thinking I am talking about….it whirls around, and around in your head, and demands that you do something about this situation/behaviour/person NOW! You feel compelled, uncomfortable, angry, resentful, anxious… and it all looks so urgent, demanding action.