About us

Good Mental Health was set up in 2015 because as counsellors we saw the obvious increase in people seeking help for mental health problems coupled with the waiting lists and location difficulties that they often encountered.

Numerous people face long waits to see a counsellor or cannot find anyone in their local area who has the necessary experience or qualifications, often with tragic consequences.

When people are struggling they want to see someone straight away and often the wait for much needed help can be as destructive as the issues themselves.

Having worked with thousands of clients we were more than confident to say that online counselling was just as effective as traditional office based methods so we built www.goodmentalhealth.co.uk as an obvious solution to the problems so many clients were experiencing.

Good Mental Health came about because of the needs of busy people who wanted to access therapy without the long waits often associated with it. We quickly realised however that it was also essential for people who needed the convenience of fitting therapy around their many life commitments.

There were already numerous counselling directory websites available but it was obvious that most people, in their moment of need, would just randomly pick a counsellor based on availability and their location. Good Mental Health puts you together with the right counsellor based on your needs regardless of where you live. We look at your individual needs and select the correct counsellor based on their experience and expertise.

We have found it works for everybody, regardless of their situation but if you need therapy outside of office hours, if you find traditional settings provoke anxiety or if you struggle to leave the house then Good Mental Health was absolutely built for you.

As NHS budgets are stretched even further and life becomes even more complicated for the average person, there is no doubt that online therapy will be the standard model in the UK in the coming years. It fulfils so many needs for people, who now find themselves able to access counselling from their home or wherever feels most comfortable for them. In a day and age where you can access almost anything you need immediately and conveniently with the use of technology, why should counselling be any different. We believe everybody should have access to the right counsellor for them, as and when they need to which is why we are so proud to be leading the way in making counselling services readily available to everyone. 

For clients

We want you to be able to see the right therapist, matched to your individual needs, as and when you need to see them. We don’t think you should be limited by location or availability and we want to make sure that your journey to recovery is made as easy as possible

For counsellors

We want to give you access to the clients that need your help, those that are suited to your experience and qualifications. We also want to give you the flexibility to work the hours that you choose without the restrictions associated with office based therapy.

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