Always there for me

I’ve had different types of counselling over the years but I found the text service to be by far the most helpful. Just the ability to use it any time makes such a difference and I can’t believe how quickly my counsellor comes back to me (most of the time it is immediate). The price means that I can afford it easily and I love the fact that I can use it as much as I like. That you so much.


They stayed in contact after I had a couple of difficulties starting out and they were very helpful and understanding. I enjoy meeting with my counsellor and love the freedom of being able to change counsellors if I need to in order to fit in to my schedule. Most of all it’s affordable.

I’ve really enjoyed my experience with

I have had traditional counselling on and off for years and I think this is better. It is really nice to have a place to talk through issues that is available all the time. I get all the same benefits but in the comfort of my own home, or wherever I am. It’s like having my mum, best friend and a life coach with me all the time — with all of the benefits but none of the judgment.

Really good

When you’re matched with the right counsellor it is a really helpful service especially for someone like me who kind of avoided therapy at first. My counsellor took the time to understand and listen. Until i was ready to talk it made me feel good to know she took the time to think about me as an individual person and to keep up with me and make sure I was ok. Great service.

Affordable help for mental health issues

This is a really good alternative if you need mental health help and don’t have the time to get into a counsellor’s office. It also was a little bit more affordable than most of the local counsellors to me who charged over £100 an hour. I would recommend this service to anyone who may need it.

Goodmentalhealth is a really good service.

It is reasonably priced and the flexibility means it is easy to fit in with my schedule. I saw a counsellor within an hour of signing up. It is all on the Internet so you can access it anywhere. I highly recommend it.

This has been a really useful tool.

I’m studying in abroad at the moment and none of the counsellors near me speak English. Being able to contact a qualified counsellor whilst i’m away has helped me so much. Thank you.

I really struggle having the time to go see a counsellor.

I don’t drive and don’t have any counsellors locally and this is a really good way to not use my daily difficulties as an excuse not to work on my mental health.

Such a great service!

Have recommended to many of my friends to try this platform for counseling needs. Super easy to use and connected me with a great counselor that I trust and communicate well with on a regular basis. everyone should have access to therapy so please give this a try!

Very affordable and most of all convenient

Good mental health is fantastic. Other private counselling options seem to be very expensive and inconvenient because they have so few appointments available and you have to visit in person. My counsellor has been an absolute lifesaver and I can always count on her to help me. Thank you Goodmentalhealth.

Changed to a happier person, thank you.

Just a few appointments with a counsellor who matched my personality made a really big difference to my life. I’m much more positive, much more active and I have a better attitude towards myself and to those around me.

One click for help.

I live in a rural area so it’s a real challenge for me to find a counsellor. Accessing goodmentalhealth’s video counselling meant that help is easily and quickly available to me. All financial transactions have been straight forward and the price is pretty reasonable. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending giving them a chance if you’re looking for a reputable online counselling service.

Good Mental Health has been an absolutely life changing career move for me.

They have made counselling available to the everybody by bringing counsellors to their platform and enabling them to build their business quickly and easily. I am so impressed, It seems to be a win win for both the client and the counsellor. I can’t help but think this will be the future of counselling. A+ Goodmentalhealth

I have recommended this service to all of my colleagues.

The counsellor support is excellent, the number of new clients and the flexibility they give with regards to working is perfect and fits in with my practice seamlessly.